Quinto (Antwerp)

«We let the software do what it does best: planning and time management. We take care of the connection to our employees.»

Our success stories

Martin Geiger
Young Boys Bern
Event catering - Bern, Switzerland
„We evaluated several tools and concluded that Staffcloud offers exactly what we need."
Sabine Goldschmid
Promotion - Cham/Switzerland
„The communication we have with our employees has been reduced in volume, but it has gained in quality and value."
Robert Hoyer
Eventlocations - Berlin
„On the one hand, we save a great deal of money with Staffcloud, on the other hand, our service managers find working much less stressful."
Philip Zentgraf
Success image white
Staff Provider - Freiburg/Germany
„Above all, Staffcloud has improved our efficiency and security."
Stephan Stroh
Staff Provider - Winterthur/Switzerland
„Both in short-term and long-term planning, the system really offers incredible support."
Claudia Ruhnau
Zett Hospitality
Event Services - Berlin
„Our recruiting process is much more efficient, and our entire scheduling process is simpler."
Kanton Thurgau
Crisis Management - Canton Thurgau
„In high-pressure sitations, forces unite. During the coronavirus crisis, we had the right people on board at the right moment."
Jan Stroncinsky
Chauffeur Services - Bonn
„By going with Staffcloud, we've backed the right horse."
EVZ Gastro
EVZ Gastro
Stadium Catering - Zug
„It is in part due to Staffcloud that our growth in the catering sector in recent years has even been possible."
Event Organiser
„"Thanks to Staffcloud, we can continuously improve the way we work, and our employee relations.""
Cedric Dupon
Staff provider
„«Staffcloud makes us an interesting business partner and employer»"