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Short videos explaining the different software features, such as staff planning or time recording.

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Staffcloud in 30 Seconds
00:30 min
Staffcloud in 30 Seconds

Forget Excel. Find out how Staffcloud can simplify your resource planning.

Screenshot Staff Planning
5:56 min
Staff Planning

We start with some simple scheduling, then delve into more complex cases, all while showcasing our auto-matching feature.

Employee Management
3:57 min
Employee Management

In our highly customisable employee management feature, you find everything you need to know about your staff members, including their ratings.

Digital contracts
2.40 min
Digital contracts

Create assignment contracts and have them signed digitally by employees. It takes just a few clicks.

time tracking staff scheduling
5:56 min
Time Tracking

This video gives an overview of the three different time tracking methods you can employ with Staffcloud.

7:02 min
Communication Channels

Let your staff members know what's going on - individually or via automated messaging.

7:07 min
Your Very Own Staffcloud

Staffcloud is highly customisable. We show you how to get the best out of our features by adapting them to your needs.


Our customers talk about how they work with Staffcloud, and reveal how they deal with industry-specific challenges.

Videointerview mit Zett Hospitality
13:56 min
No more Excel in a promotion agency

Claudia Ruhnau from the promotion agency Zett Hospitality in Berlin explains how she achieved this.

Spreespeicher Berlin
16:03 min
How an event location can save on personnel costs when planning operations

A conversation about change management with Robert Hoyer and Melanie Fiand from the Faro Group (Spreespeicher) in Berlin

Sabine Schmid von PromoPool im Interview
14:18 min
10 years of resource planning with Excel and then 150 new employees arrived

An interview with Sabine Goldschmid from PromoPool about turbo recruiting of 150 promoters and digitalization

12:10 min
How do you explain the most important software to grandma?

An interview with Jan Stronczynski, Managing Director of Premium Drive, about digitalization and the driving service in times of coronavirus.

15:20 min
How do you manage 3000 Corona helpers?

An interview with Reto Schubnell from the Thurgau cantonal command staff.


These videos give you a more in-depth look at various topics.

38:30 min
Project management

The project management has been revised and we show all the new tricks and possibilities in detail.


The times for an assignment changed. How are our employees kept up to date?

As soon as you change the assignment times within the staff planning module, all employees subject to the change are informed automatically via email and push notification.


An employee is scheduled to take part in an assignment next Wednesday. However, they have signed up for another project that is also taking place on Wednesday, because they want to work there too. What do I do now? 

Staffcloud will warn you that the employee is already assigned elsewhere. You can then decide which project you would like the employee to be working on. The system also lets you assign them to more than one project, but it will show you a warning.

An employee is going on holiday for 3 weeks and also is at university every Wednesday. How can the system help me avoid unnecessarily sending them job invitaions for those times? 

By default, Staffcloud provides you with the so-called availability calendar. If an employee is unavailable for a certain period of time, they can register their absence in the availability calendar and are then not notified of available jobs during that period. You can also add the employee's absence yourself. 

Our employees would like to register their availability. How does this work?

Staffcloud works according to a different principle. The system assumes the availability of the employee by default. When you notify the employee of a job and they are available, they will apply for the job. You can then assign them. With this method, laborious excel sheets which need to be kept up to date with ever-changing availability data become unnecessary. Staffcloud functions as a sort of internal market place for jobs. This fast-tracks your staff planning, since you can close all applications for a job as soon as enough personnel are assigned to it. 

If someone is too late to apply for a job, they will try to apply in a more timely manner next time. 

How are employees informed about new assignments?

As soon as a new job/assignment becomes available, the employees are informed via the app and automated emails and can apply for them immediately. You can then choose which employees you would like to assign to the job.

What's the difference between a conventional staff planner and Staffcloud?

Traditionally, shift planners are used for permanent employees. The head of the division (planner) assigns employees to different shifts and then informs the employees of their assignment. In this setting, the planner can be sure that their employees will be available.

Clients who use Staffcloud deal with a completely different situation. Their planners usually have no information regarding whether an employee is available or not and whether or not they are even qualified for the assignment. This utterly different situation requires a different form of planning. In Staffcloud, employees are picked from a pool and asked to apply for jobs. Whoever is available and wants to apply for a job can do so and can then be assigned by the planner.