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Staff Provider - Winterthur/Switzerland
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Staff shortages in healthcare have been an issue since well before the pandemic. KSK Personal AG in Winterthur (Switzerland) provides hospitals and care facilities with employees – and is finding it difficult to meet demand.

The team at KSK Personal AG receive a large number of requests every day. Usually, potential employers ask for staff to work on the same day, or within 24 hours at most. For many years now, hospitals and care facilities in Switzerland have been suffering from staff shortages, making it necessary to work extensively with external personnel providers like KSK> The pandemic has exacerbated the situation further, as many carers have given up their jobs due to being chronically overworked.

Quick Reaction Time

For Stephan Stroh, CEO at KSK Personal AG, it is important to be able to respond to the daily staff requests from hospitals and care providers as quickly as possible. A short reaction time means quick staff planning - a key issue for Stephan Stroh, and the main factor in his decision for Staffcloud. He says that, "both in short-term and long-term planning, the system really offers incredible support." Filtering enables a time-efficient and customised search among just under 200 potential employees, the number of staff members the KSK team have on their books in September 2021.

Who Is Available?

For personnel providers in the healthcare industry, the slogan 'time is money' could not be any more true. Those who are able to immediately respond to clients who request available staff members usually get the job. Staffcloud offers an availability calendar, showing exactly who can work that day, and thus enables KSK to get back to their client as quickly as possible. At the same time, the calendar is advantageous for employees, since they can easily add and see their own availability. 

Stephan Stroh was a strong Staffcloud advocate in his previous workplace. While there, he had grown accustomed to the tool's convenient functionality and usefulness on a day-to-day basis. So when he founded his own company in April 2021, there was no question what software to use, Staffcloud was part of his strategy right from the start. 

Salaried Employees Decide to Do Temp Work

Due to the lasting staff shortages in healthcare, Stephan Stroh predicts continued growth for staff providers in the post-pandemic world. For him, 'there is a clear shortage of professionals in the medical field, particularly in intensive care." And this will likely not improve in the near future.

Rather, the opposite seems to be the case; as in other countries, the number of salaried professionals in Swiss healthcare has decreased for many years. Many of them have decided to work on a temporary basis instead. For KSK, this means that even within the first 6 months after their launch in April 2021, they have provided temp staff for around 20,000 hours of work. And this cannot be attributed to Covid-19 alone, as the pandemic has played only a minor role in those months. 

Many professionals have been working as temp staff for years. This option has become particularly attractive as it allows employees not only to have a closer look at different potential employers, but also to grant themselves sufficient downtime between jobs.


German Market Expansion Planned


With their existing staff pool, KSK struggles to fulfil all client requests. The company welcomes applications, which can be sent via the Staffcloud recruitment form embedded in their website. This allows for quick and easy applicant management. Stephan Stroh says: :The online form helps our administration a great deal.' This is because it automates processes such as adding new staff members to the pool and accessing them in staff planning. This automation is a key requirement for KSK, as the company wants to expand beyond the Zurich area it currently services. The business aims to offer a larger staff pool in the Bern area, near the French and German borders, and is even planning an expansion into Germany in 2022.


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