How it all began

Staffcloud was founded by two friends in a Zurich flatshare. They wanted to restore some order to the complex planning of flexible employees. This process also improved the relationship between employers and employees, but they didn't notice this until much later.

Yves Ortiz (links) und Thomas Ungricht

Yves Ortiz (left) and Thomas Ungricht


January 2020

We look back on a very successful 2019. For the second year in a row we grew by more than 20% and can record customer growth in new countries and industries. Staffcloud is now beeing used in 7 countries and Staffcloud customers manage around 100'000 flexible employees.

November 2019

The first customer in the USA starts working with Staffcloud. The staff provider from Philadelphia and Washington supplies all kinds of social events, including bars and hotels, with its catering staff. The USA is now the sixth country to use Staffcloud.

June 2019

We produce our first video about Staffcloud with two professional actors and numerous extras. The story: Our software packed in light entertainment hopefully brings a smile to the faces of the audience at the end. The location for the shooting was the Maag Event Hall in Zurich. Check out the video on our live demo page.

March 2019

For temporary employees, the most important thing to know is last month's wages. All submitted and approved work data is now available to be displayed within employee accounts. Of course, the employer ultimately decides which data (hours worked, breaks, hourly wages, etc.) can actually be accessed.   

January 2019

The wage system can now accurately reflect collective labour agreements (CLA) and collective bargaining agreements. Thus, age and time periods can now be added to wage profiles. This ensures, for example, that employees receive the correct wages defined for their age group.  

October 2018

The automatic integration with Formstack is fully operational and clients have started incorporating it into their business. Staff can now fill in and submit personalised reporting forms electronically.

June 2018

Staffcloud and Bankettprofi are now connected! An automatic interface allows both leading systems to exchange all important data.

May 2018

It is even easier to process work data through bulk editing. Work data for the whole project can be changed or approved – no matter how many employees are currently working on this project.

March 2018

A new module is added to the app. Employees can now very easily submit work data such as time proposals, expenses, documents or photos through the app.

January 2018

The new website goes live.

July 2017

Staffcloud is gradually replacing Event Commander. A new name, new design and a new functionality are brought into the world.

April 2016

The subsidiary in Bucharest moves into a larger office space.

January 2015

The Timeclock feature is implemented for first clients in Germany and Switzerland. Timekeeping is made easy from now on. 

April 2014

A new module is brought to life: the smart availability calendar.

March 2014

From now on, Event Commander is used in Germany.

October 2013

Subsidiary Smartbridge Ltd founded in Bucharest.

August 2013

Event Commander is the most used software for staff planning in Switzerland. In Belgium, the first clients start using it.

February 2013

The first refactoring of Event Commander, and a new module: Sedcards.

December 2012

In Austria, the first clients start working with Event Commander.

August 2011

Release of the flexible planning, as its idea exists till today.

July 2009

The first customers start to work with Event Commander.

February 2007

Smartbridge was founded in a flatshare in Zurich.

Our objective

Labour markets are becoming increasingly more flexible. In order for companies to respond adequately to this, we provide them with the right instrument to be an attractive place of employment as well as a reliable partner. This labour market transformation will have a drastic influence on how we work in the future. With our software, we aim to be the leader in the area of flexible work models and do everything in our might to ensure an optimal organisation of employers and employees.

Staffcloud in numbers

Average age
Teamfoto kurz vor dem Weihnachtsessen 2017
Teamfoto kurz vor dem Weihnachtsessen 2017
Teamfoto kurz vor dem Weihnachtsessen 2016 in Zürich
Teamfoto kurz vor dem Weihnachtsessen 2016 in Zürich
Volle Konzentration in Bucharest
Volle Konzentration in Bucharest
Jannick und Mihai in der Lounge
Jannick und Mihai in der Lounge
Unser Büro-Gebäude in Bucharest
Unser Büro-Gebäude in Bucharest
Tischtennis - Wer spielt als nächstes?
Tischtennis - Wer spielt als nächstes?
Kaffeepause auf dem Dach
Kaffeepause auf dem Dach
Es wird auch gearbeitet in Bucharest
Es wird auch gearbeitet in Bucharest
Thomas @ work
Yves @ work
Guter Kaffee erleichtert den Start in den Arbeitstag.
Guter Kaffee erleichtert den Start in den Arbeitstag.
Developer Meeting in Bucharest
Developer Meeting in Bucharest
Marian @ work
Marian @ work
Time for a break
Time for a break
Marian in action
Marian in action
Our office in Zurich, ready for the next meeting.
Our office in Zurich, ready for the next meeting.


We take to all tasks with conscientous commitment, acknowledge challenges and carry the responsibility for successfully overcoming them.
We do our best to fulfil our promises whenever possible and we communicate honestly and in a timely manner.


Fairness towards all partners is an important factor in being sucessful together. Fairness is always based on mutuality. We lead by example and expect the same from our employees and partners.


We never stand still! We are always trying to evolve in all areas of our company. For this continuous development we nurture and demand the ideas and vigour of every company divison.

Staffcloud develops and distributes software to help companies with a flexible workforce simplify their day-to-day workflow. Staff planning should be fun, which is why our software is user-friendly and easy to implement. This also means it can be used all around the world. In our company, we offer you an interesting, challenging and international work environment.

What to expect

Staffcloud develops and distributes software to help companies with a flexible workforce simplify their day-to-day workflow. Staff planning should be fun, which is why our software is user-friendly and easy to implement.

Flexible work times

Smartbridge offers  their employees flexible work times. Part-time work can also be arranged.

Flexible Arbeitszeiten
Modern tools

We like to stay up to date, therefore our developers have access to state-of-the-art tools.

Modernste Tools
Two screens

Once you've experienced the comfort of working with two screens, you'll never want to go back.

Zwei Screens

So you can recharge your batteries, we provide you with tea, coffee, drinks as well as seasonal fruit. Your parents can breathe easy.


Relaxation is important to ensure a top performance in the work day. Our employees receive more than the customary holiday days.


A table tennis match, perhaps? In Bucharest, you can play a game of ping-pong and then recline in couch corner to think about coming projects.


Offices do not need to be eerily quiet. We listen to music chosen by a team member all day. Everyone can be the DJ sometime.


Our offices are located centrally and easily reachable by bicycle. Bikes can also be deposited safely.

Centrally-located offices

When choosing locations for our offices, we made sure they are easily reachable by public transport.

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