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Every employee relationship begins with an application. Make it easy for new employees to start working for you and provide a positive first impression with a streamlined application process.

Optimise your workforce management with the right software.

Einsatzplanung Office
Adaptable staff planning for a flexible workforce

Depending on the complexity of your projects or your customer's requirements, employees may need to be assigned to different functions, work times and locations. Scheduling in Staffcloud is therefore highly customisable, right from the start. The interactive staff planning tool lets you include employees in every step – from invitation to definitive confirmation.

employee sheduling app
Employee App

The employee sheduling app lets your staff members sign up for jobs and see exactly where and when they are scheduled to work. Employee communication is managed through our inbuilt system. No phone calls or emails needed.

2 time stamps
Time tracking

We have the perfect way to track work data for every type of work. Staffcloud offers you four options to track your employees’ work data, such as work data proposals, check-in and check-out, or live stamps submitted directly via the app from an employee’s smartphone. We are happy to help you choose the right technology for you. 

Definieren Sie die Datenfelder für Ihre digitale Personalakte selbst.
Lots of Employee Data - Only One Repository

All of your employee and client data can be searched and edited at any time. Staffcloud makes sure your data is not only precious, but also useful. You decide which data fields you would like to use.

Complete your project in three steps

Staffcloud project management lets you organise any project, no matter how simple or how intricate it is. Projects spanning several weeks and including different locations, functions or teams – Staffcloud enables optimal project planning. Once the project is created, you can use sophisticated filters to invite suitable personnel and start scheduling staff.

Stay in touch with your employees

The Staffcloud employee app keeps you connected to your employees. Assignment requests and messages are sent out as push notifications. They can then sign up or confirm with just one click.

A payroll where nothing is left to chance

Nothing is more important to your employees than the correct wage payment. The Staffcloud wage system lets you keep an eye on hourly wages, specific rates and expenses of any kind. Here, you can take different national regulations into account and modify wage profiles according to specific functions.

Export wage data and analyse project cost

Whether you would like to export wage data or project costs for a specific period of time, Staffcloud offers you comprehensive ways to create custom-tailored reports. Recurring reports can easily be saved as templates for later use.

Cast your employees in the best possible light

You would like to introduce your client to individual employees or even the whole team? Profiles can help you. The module allows you to use different templates and data fields to compose profiles tailored to your client's needs - some industries call them sedcards. 

Abwesenheiten im Kalender eintragen
Managing absences through the calendar

Employers are interested in knowing when their employees are available, while employees are loathe to receive unwanted job invitations. The solution: our availability calendar. Employees enter when they are unavailable to work, e.g. because they are at uni, on holiday or at the doctor's. This automatically blocks them from receiving job invitations during these times. This is also helpful for employers. 

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More than 100 clients in five countries trust Staffcloud with their data. We take this responsibility seriously, thus data protection is a central element of our business strategy. We devote great efforts to ensuring that your client data and business processes are safe at all times.

Your data is managed and stored in one of the safest data centres of the world in Frankfurt. This centre is compliant with C5, ISO 9001, 27001, 27017 and 27018 among others.

  • We are bound by the Swiss Data Protection Law and compliant with the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • We record every process, error or alteration of data that appears within the software. Therefore, we are able to reconstruct any incident.
  • Every client is provided with their own database and their own system for document management, which runs completely independently from that of other clients.
  • The data security of our software is regularly monitored through so-called penetration tests and audits. 
  • We use the encryption technology TLS 1.2 
  • We are happy to give you detailed information on our technical measures upon demand. 

Product modules

Planned Working Time

In a flexible working world, different types of employment coexist. This can mean full-time or part-time work, marginal employment, temporary workers with or without an agreement on work hours, or fixed-term employment. The Planned Working Time Module takes all of these employment types into account and helps you and your employees to optimise planning and to keep to their agreed work quota.



Once an assignment is over, you might like to rate your employees - via an internal rating system where you choose the criteria yourself. This lets you see the development of an employee's performance over a certain period of time.


You and your employees may cater to different clients or interest groups. Having your own employee pools can help you to find the optimal responce to these different needs. Create pools for clients, locations or departments.

The Permissions System

The permissions system helps enterprise clients and bigger organisations to manage processes and teams more precisely. During the setup period, we are happy to help you create your individual user groups.

Settings and Configuration

Through a variety of customisable options, Staffcloud can be tailored to our clients’ individual needs. You can select configuration options such as validated fields, required fields, or multiple select fields. You can group data fields by criteria, personalise your automated notifications or define tolerances for the online check in or check out functions. When your work environment changes, you need a software that can keep up. Staffcloud can do just that.

Activity Log

With the activity log, you can review or group all activities (e.g. emails, work data approvals) within each project, event, or function. This comprehensive module makes it easy for you to supervise and retrace all activities within Staffcloud.

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