All data in one concise location
  • Define data fields within the database
  • All employee data is easy to find and editable in the database.
  • The history shows which projects an employee has worked on. The relevant staff planning projects can be opened with just one click.
  • In the gallery, your employees' photos can be managed, as well as cut, rotated or resized simply and effortlessly.
  • Manage documents such as CVs, certificates or contracts in a separate document storage for every employee.
  • The wage profile of one or more employees can be modified with a single click at any time.
  • Your employee's calendar shows you instantly and independently of any projects if they are available. It can also be used to manage any holidays.


Have assignment contracts signed digitally

Assignment contracts are a necessity for many short-term employees. Create assignment contracts directly from the project, and send them to your employees for digital signature.
With just a few clicks, you can save on tedious letter post and no longer have to wait for manually signed contracts.

Ensure legal compliance and track all actions

All data are protected in one place: the digital personnel file. You decide on access rights, and who may view and change individual personnel data.

Know what has happened between you and your employees. Check the logbook (see screenshot) to see which data points they changed when applying for a job, or when an e-mail was sent to a staff member.

Keep tabs on individual work models

Ensure compliance with the working models you and your staff members have agreed on. You can monitor the following work models in the personnel record, the employee calendar, or in staff planning:

  • Wage limits (e.g. monthly maximum wage)
  • Work time limits (e.g. weekly or annual working hours)
  • Part-time employment
  • Temporary employment with and without an agreement on maximum hours worked
  • Short-term employment (e.g. employment for 3 months)

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