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«By going with Staffcloud, we've backed the right horse - this can be said quite emphatically.»

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Germany is playing an international football match in Leipzig, while at the same time, there is an event in Munich requiring a shuttle service. For Premium Drive, this is business as usual. The chauffeur service with its headquarters in Bonn, Germany, has up to 500 drivers on the road and caters to domestic as well as European markets, making sophisticated staff planning a necessity.


Always in good hands to your destination - this has been Premium Drive's advertising slogan for the past 15 years. And the marketing for its chauffeur service has proved successful: not only ministries, government offices and multinationals are among their clients, they also drive athletes, musicians, actors, and the German football team.
Customers desire a professional and safe service, and frequently also appreciate discretion. This requires not only a high-quality vehicle fleet, but also reliable drivers who can be assigned flexibly. The company now has 11 subsidiaries all over Germany, covering trips all over Europe which can sometimes take up to several weeks. Up to 500 employees have to be sent to different places, their assignments coordinated. 


Relaxed Time Tracking

Since the summer of 2019, Premium Drive CEO Jan Stroncinsky has been relying on Staffcloud for his staff planning needs. For his company and its clients, compliance with Germany's Working Hours Act is of the utmost importance, regardless of where staff might be at any given time. He says, "Staffcloud is a very, very flexible and comprehensive piece of software which can easily be used to delegate a large number of staff members covering several events, which can sometimes take place simultaneously or consecutively." Work times can easily be submitted via the app and accessed by the HR department at any time, allowing for an easy overview.

Employees appreciate transparent communication

Aside from the actual staff planning, this comfortable time tracking model was an important factor in Jan Stronczynski's decision to go with Staffcloud. According to him, it has led to "very relaxed processing of all these working times." He also values the fact that all departments have access to the software, enabling them to stay in contact with employees on the road to exchange all kinds of information. For Premium Drive, a personal connection to their staff is highly important, and the quick and easy communication channels offered by Staffcloud lead to transparency, to which employees have reacted with very positive feedback.

Flexible, rapid-response support

In their day-to-day business, Premium Drive frequently encounters new challenges for the software system. For example, drivers for the US Embassy in Berlin are subject to certain requirements. This means that a functionality is needed which identifies suitable drivers, so they can be found quickly by applying a filter. The rapid support response at Staffcloud is seen as a "major advantage" by Stronczynski. He says, "Our spontaneous ideas are quickly implemented, the support is great.“ In future, he thinks there could be an additional feature in Staffcloud: instead of the usual sedcards, employees could introduce themselves with a short video, thus lending a personal touch to their profiles. Staffcloud's support team is happy to take this suggestion into account.


A chat with Jan Stronczynski, CEO at Premium Drive, about digitalisation and chauffeur services in times of coronavirus (in German)




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