Customise the experience of your Staffcloud and integrate powerful products with Staffcloud via our APIs and apps.

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API Documentation

Staffcloud features a comprehensive, state-of-the-art RESTful API. Find everything that you need to get started in our complete and current API documentation library.


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Website integration

Using the built-in code generator, Staffcloud provides an easy integration with your company website without requiring any special knowledge. The modular and fully customisable JavaScript SDK allows you to adapt all widgets according to your corporate identity and the design of your online presence. Why not set up a custom, white-labelled recruiting funnel?

The code generator can be accessed directly in your Staffcloud instance.

Custom mobile apps

You already have mobile apps for your employees, your clients or your planners? Would you like to enhance them with data from Staffcloud or even allow direct interactions? Or are you even planning on creating custom apps based on Staffcloud? Our API supports user-based authentication and can be used for diverse purposes, be it planning, reporting, data warehousing or communication.

Accounting, CRM, and ERP integration

We know that an enterprise software is only as good as its integrations are. Even though Staffcloud connects with many major complementary software solutions out of the box, you are welcome to integrate your own solution using our RESTful web API. Processing wage data, synchronising employees and clients, collecting project reporting data, there are hardly any limits when it comes to integrating Staffcloud.