On-site overview thanks to the Teamleader App

Is my entire team at work and has everyone clocked in?  

One look at the Team Leader app, and you're in the know. Should a team member be absent, line managers can contact them effortlessly through the app's interface. Plus, team leads can manage time tracking for the entire team. 

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Project Overview and Check-in via QR Code

Team leaders do not only see all projects at a glance, they also receive live status updates during the assignment. Employees can check in via QR code.

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Who hasn't turned up yet?

Team leads can contact absentees directly through the app. The overview ensures that you see exactly which team members have already clocked in.

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Check in several team members at once

One of the Employee app's key functionalities is that several staff members can check into work at once. 

Effortlessly share work times with your customers. They can conveniently see them on their smartphone and provide instant digital signatures. Upon approval, you and your client receive a PDF with the verified work times.

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PDF Documentation

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