Employee scheduling can be so easy.

Staffcloud simplifies the connection to your flexible workforce – anytime and from anywhere.

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Planning with temporary staff and hourly wage earners - it can be done without Excel or WhatsApp. Staffcloud helps you to keep the areas of recruitment, resource planning and wage export under control at all times. It is used to keep track of 100,000 employees in five European countries daily.

Staffcloud Rekrutierung


Every employee relationship begins with an application. Make it easier for future employees to start working for you and provide a positive first impression. This is done first with the multiple-step online recruitment form, then through planning interviews and castings later on.


Staff planning

You are tasked with assigning staff to different functions, work times and locations. Since every project is unique, staff planning with Staffcloud offers full flexibility from the start. 

Optimise your hourly workforce management with the right software.


Wages & Timekeeping

The end of every assignment is followed by the post-processing of every single team member‘s transmitted work data. With just a few clicks, Staffcloud helps you in achieving correct payroll accounting and analysing your assignment costs. 



The search for the right employee begins with data management. All employee data fields are adaptable to your specific needs and can be continually updated. With the internal communications system, all your communication is centralised on one platform.

Jobs platform on the go

The Staffcloud app makes work schedules go mobile. Employees can sign up for jobs or transmit work data anytime and from anywhere. This helps to set you apart as a modern employer.

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Philip Morris
Marriott Zürich

Simplified collaboration with your employees

Working with flexible employees can prove a complex undertaking. Yet it doesn't have to be. Staffcloud can help you simplify your processes and enables you to scale your business easily.

Staffcloud Desktop
Further advantages

Your language

Staffcloud is available in 5 different languages: German, French, English, Italian and Dutch. Should your language not be available, please contact us. 


Your data is managed and stored in one of the safest data centres in the world in Frankfurt. This centre is certified with C5, ISO 9001, 27001, 27017 and 27018 among others. Additionally, we comply with EU data protection law (GDPR).


Starting you off

We assist you closely with implementation and training. This ensures that the portal is perfectly adjusted to what you need and that you can start working within only a few hours.


Integrated solutions provide complete automation. Staffcloud offers a comprehensive interface developed and documented according to the latest standards (RESTAPI).

Permissions system

Staffcloud is a comprehensive system that can be used by different user groups within your company. The permissions system responds to this by allowing for granular user permissions. This is especially appreciated by larger companies.

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