Start Your Project

Creating a project for employee scheduling is divided into three steps. The first step is to launch a new project:

  • Enter initial project information for your employees to see.
  • Attach a document (time schedule, location map, menu details, dress code, etc.)
  • Additional (mandatory or optional) data fields can be added individually.

In order to insure that you will see only relevant data fields, we will provide you with support when creating your personalised instance of our software. This will help you optimise your process for staff scheduling.

Create Events and Teams

Step two lets you create the events (spanning one or more days.) Whether the created events take place on various dates at various locations or include individual event times  - Staffcloud makes it all possible. 

Finally, in step three, you add the required functions to your project. Every function can include individual assignment times.

Once you have completed the three steps, you can leave project management and go to assignment planning to invite your staff to the assignments you have created. 

Keep an Eye on Things

At a glance, you can see which project is still lacking personnel. For example, you can see gaps by displaying assingment times for individual employees of a project in bar-shape (as seen in the picture on the left) for days, weeks, months or quarterly periods at a time.

Due to numerous filter functionalities, you can display projects filtered by location, time period, project creator or status at any time, both in project management and assignment planning. 

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PDF Documentation

PDF Documentation

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