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Designed for businesses who would like to provide their temporary staff with professional staff planning while also strongly reducing the amount of necessary excel-sheets and phone calls.


Assigning temporary and flexible staff is a core element of your business and you therefore want a comprehensive overview of the wages and costs involved.  


When whole teams look after the flexible staff and are essential to the overall success of your company, you don't want to leave anything to chance.


Make it easy for new employees to start working for you with a multiple-step recruiting form - available on all electronic devices. Plus an internal applicant management tool with embedded castings and interview planning.
Employee Database
Organise your employees in a database where you can customise all fields. Your employees' documents, such as CVs or certificates, can be managed from the corresponding storage. This also includes a photo gallery and an availability calendar.
Client Database
Organise your projects by client and see past projects for each client in their history. Store contact data and communicate with your clients directly through Staffcloud.
Availability Calendar
Your employees mark their absence (through university, holidays, professional training etc.) in your calender and it is automatically taken into account for staff planning.
Staff planning
You are tasked with assigned staff to different functions, working times and locations. Since no two projects are alike, the Staffcloud staff planning tool offers maximum flexibility right from the start. Since conflicts are automatically displayed, any double bookings are preemptively avoided.
Employee App
Applying for jobs, receiving briefings, confirming and managing jobs as well as synchronising them with the calender, and communicating with the assignment planner - the app (iOS and Android) make it all possible for your employees.
Internal Communications System
Communicate directly with your employees without having to go through a different channel. Keep an eye on past communications with employees at all times.
Wage System
Give employees their own customised wage profile. Create wage profiles through mixing and matching different wage types, such as hourly wages, expenses, night work rates and public holiday rates, and extraordinary payments. Depending on the assignment and function, different wage profiles can be assigned to different employees.
How far away from the assignment location does an employee live? This module answers that question and also calculates their possible travel costs to the assignment destination for you.
Time Tracking
Your employees will transmit their workdata with the app.
Exporting wages, creating reports, analysing costs, compiling employee lists - all of this can be done through simply clicking on one of the templates. Export your reports as JSON, XLS or CSV files.
Your client would like to know which of your employees are working on their assignment. Create individual employee profiles for each of your clients and choose a look for your presentation from different design templates.
To ensure that your employees offer you the best of their abilities, rating them according to your own criteria is essential. This module aids you in assessing the ratings over different time periods or a series of events.
Permissions System
A very fine matrix of permissions for your users gives you the ability to exactly regulate and monitor internal processes. The role of every single permission can be configured by you.
Activity Log
With the activity log, you can review or group all activities (e.g. emails, work data approvals) within each project, event, or function. This comprehensive module makes it easy for you to supervise and retrace all activities within Staffcloud.
Invoicing Profile
Once a project is over you might want to invoice the work hours to the client. No problem. The invoicing module enables you to assign different chargeable rates to every client. 


Customise and enhance your plan with additional features.



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Häufig gestellte Fragen

Are we required to take part in chargeable onboarding services (setup and training)?

Yes, all new clients who subscibe to Staffcloud need to take part in some chargeable services to ensure that they master shift planning from the start. We know from experience that the first weeks and months are essential for a successful implementation of Staffcloud. We will support you strongly during this implementation phase.

Staffcloud is more than the simple application of a range of features that facilitate your recruiting, shift planning and payroll. It is about highly optimising and automating the planning processes in your company. This is greatly helped by the Staffcloud training programmes as well as through the personal support of our consultants. 

Do we have to make an advance payment for Starter, Pro or Enterprise fees for a whole year?

No, you can choose between monthly, semestral or yearly payments. However by default, contracts for Staffcloud Starter, Pro and Enterprise packages are made on a yearly basis. In our experience, clients who are able to sign up for Staffcloud for a whole year are more likely to have greater success in the long run. Since your long-term success is our objective, we aim to promote an approach that helps us reach this goal together. 

Are there penalties for exceeding the limit for the employee pool or assignment hours?

No, but the Staffcloud licence fees are proportionally aligned with the usage of the software as well as the growth of your company. Staffcloud will keep you up to date on your usage. Should you have exhausted your limit, it is possible to extend it by upgrading.

How much support is offered for Staffcloud?

For Staffcloud clients, email support is included in the subscription costs. The Staffcloud customer service team will be happy to help you with any questions.

Additionally, Staffcloud offers further individual support. Please contact us for more information.

How long are the contract and notice periods? 

The minimum contract period is one year. All contracts automatically expire at the end of the contract period, so they do not need to be manually terminated. If you would like a contract for a period of more than one year, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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