Have employees legally sign contracts with one swipe

Make it easy for your staff to sign framework or assignment contracts by simply sending them to their phones. They can then legally sign them with a single swipe. Your cockpit lets you know the contract status.

Contracts in one swipe EN

Create your own templates

Whether you need a framework or assignment contract, and no matter if it is meant for a cook or a team leader - all contracts are similar, yet different. Configure your own contracts and text blocks, and automate processes when sending documents to employees later on.

Contract Templates EN

Easily generate contracts

You might need a contract for a single assignment, or for a new hire. Depending on your processes, simply pick the right contract type for one or more staff members. The document is automatically populated with the correct data (e.g. name, date of birth, project name). Simply click 'send', and you're done!

Generate Contracts EN

Choose the perfect contract type

Contracts are integral to the relationship between your business and its employees. Easily keep tabs on different contract types (such as framework contracts and assignment contracts).

Contract Type EN

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PDF Documentation

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